Anilink Awards 2013

Unsatisfied with the other editor saying this is the best anime or that is the best anime. This time, you're not alone! Rejoice as the second season of Anilink Awards 2013 is returned. As you remembered on the first season of Anilink Awards back in January 5th 2013, you will be given a random choice of which anime you will be nominated to pass the next stage. For this season, the same rule applied, but this time we provide you some help. A total of 145 anime will be set for you to choose based on the given categories below:

There are 15 categories to be selected. Those lists mentioned as follows:
1. The BEST Storyline/Plot 2013
2. The BEST Art Character/Design 2013
3. The BEST Protagonist Male Character 2013
4. The BEST Protagonist Female Character 2013
5. The BEST Antagonist Male Character 2013
6. The BEST Antagonist Female Character 2013
7. The BEST Couple 2013
8. The BEST Opening Song 2013
9. The BEST Ending Song 2013
10. The BEST Comedy Anime 2013
11. The BEST Adventure Anime 2013
12. The BEST Romance Anime 2013
13. The BEST Thrill Anime 2013
14. The BEST Horror Anime 2013
15. The BEST Anime Of The Year 2013

Previously on the previous season of Anilink Awards (2012), Sword Art Online had been nominated as the best anime of the year 2012 with a lot of votes coming to our voting system. This year, which anime will be nominated as The Best Anime Of The Year 2013?!

Terms and Rules:
# Anilink Awards Voting System is a system where you will fill in your vote to us. Each submission earns a vote for each anime. There are no limits on how many votes can be cast out to us.
# To earn a valid vote, please use a valid e-mail address. Using a fake e-mail address will cause your vote will not be counted and your IP address will be blocked.

# For each category, the minimum number of anime to be cast out to us is one (1) and the maximum number of anime to be cast out to us is five (5) for each anime season (winter, spring, summer, fall). The anime listed will be all the anime that were previously aired in 2013.
# 3 months will be provided for users to cast a vote. There will be no results of the first stage of the voting system. However, on the second stage later, a detailed result will be given out.

# Users will have to select any one of the anime titles based on the categories provided. The anime will be now filtered up to the top 5 for each category based on the final results from the first stage before.
# Again, there will be no limits for users to submit their votes to us. SPAMMING IS STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED.
# 2 months will be given out for voters/users to cast their votes to us.
# A week later after the closing date of the voting system on the second stage, we will announce the final results LIVE via Justin.TV website. Stay tuned on Facebook to check out when will be the results out.

Thank you for reading.

Therefore, without further ado, start your vote here!